Manitowoc North Breakwater Lighthouse
Manitowoc Sunrise Rotary is proud to be recognized as Lighthouse Keeper for  Manitowoc North Breakwater Lighthouse.
In 2010 the Coast Guard decided to auction off a number of lighthouses. This was due to the fact that lighthouses were obsolete and took a great deal of resources to maintain. The Manitowoc Breakwater Lighthouse was one of them. Two bids were received. One for 25K and another for 30K. The lighthouse was sold to Mr. Philip Carlucci from Long Island, New York for 30K. 
It was understood that purchase of the lighthouse would result in renovations that would bring the structure up to required standards. Both the interior and exterior would need renovations. 

Upgrades included inside and outside restorations, painting and new windows.  


The new owner invested approximately $325,000 to bring the lighthouse up to standards. 

The owner, Mr. Philip Carlucci, expressed his desire to open up his lighthouse to the public. In cooperation with the City of Manitowoc and Mr. Carlucci, Manitowoc Sunrise Rotary Club chose to support the Lighthouse project. We have been developing plans and strategies to use the Lighthouse for public and private tours and promote the Lighthouse to the public. Mr. Carlucci’s vision is to outfit the interior, time-specific to when the lighthouse opened in the early 1900s. Manitowoc Sunrise Rotary supporting that vision by researching possibilities.

Manitowoc Sunrise Rotary checks, cleans and offers tours of the Lighthouse on a routine basis.
It is Manitowoc Sunrise Rotary's desire to carry out its mission on a cost free basis, in order to allow the maximum of people to get to see the inside of the lighthouse. 
In order to do this, we enlist sponsors, thereby offsetting expenses and allowing us to maintain our budget to support our numerous local projects, which are directed toward youth in the area.
For any questions  or if you have interest in the project or would like to support the project, please use the "Contact Us" button above.



Manitowoc Sunrise Rotary, Lighthouse Keeper for Manitowoc North Breakwater Lighthouse
can accommodate tours, cooperating as much as possible, with your schedule.  Tours begin May 14th and run through October, weather permitting. 
It is best to schedule your requested time and a backup time to allow an adjustment for incompatible weather. If there is a strong east or northeast wind, there may be waves washing over the breakwater, preventing access to the Lighthouse.
Please let us know your date, time and number of persons in your party. We will follow up to confirm the tour. A freewill donation of $10.00 per person is suggested.
To request a tour time, please use the contact button above.
Thank you for your interest in the Manitowoc North Breakwater Lighthouse.
If you have interest in the Lighthouse and would like to become a volunteer, please contact us at