Purpose:  Conduct the activities associated with the effective operation of the club
  • Hold meetings of the committee as needed to assure fulfillment of its responsibilities
  • Tracking and reporting attendance (done by Secretary); review for lack of meeting participation guidelines (attendance at meetings and events/fundraisers)
  • Organize programs for the regular weekly and special meetings
  • Set up calendar July-June
  • Administration committee and Board  members will assume responsibility for contacting the organizations sponsored by the Club
  • Remaining Club members will be assigned remaining program dates; plug in people who have not done as many programs over the past 1-2 years
  • Auto by 5 or Business by 5 to be incorporated into the weekly schedule
  • Assemblies (working meetings) to be incorporated into the meetings as directed by President Elect ; perhaps every 6 weeks
  • Assure a Thank You note is sent to ALL speakers/presenters.
  • Arrange for greeter/devotion leader for each month
  • Encourage attendance at Rotary meetings and conferences
  • Promote fellowship among members through organized recreational and social activities
  • Holiday/Post-Holiday Party
  • Veteran’s Day Celebration Breakfast
  • Social in place of the FIFTH Tuesdays
  • Stimulate reader interest in “The Rotarian” magazine
  • Assure Committees are maintaining current policies